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Floating Timber Floors Perth

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Floating Timber Flooring

High quality engineered floating timber floor. Available in Australia's most specified hardwood timber species, it co-ordinates with most home furnishings, whatever your style. Its top layer is a 3.6mm solid hardwood, sawn from the tree species of your liking, lacquered with 7 coats of our scratch resistant, gloss finish.

The patented system eliminates the use of glue during installation, allowing an easier and faster installation, but most importantly gives a "seamless" appearance when compared to the traditional tongue and groove finish which shows a "dip" at the joints. This is because the Valinge locking system is sawn after the seven coats of lacquer are applied and the "lock" mechanical pulls and locks the two boards together, giving a far superior finish, whilst not compromising on the strength of the join.

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Solid Bamboo Flooring

One of Australia’s fastest growing flooring products, Bamboo is prized for its sustainability, durability and stylish appearance. Some natural advantages of Bamboo Flooring are that it is:

Technical Specifications

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